“Rifkin’s characters are ruined, desperate creatures, comic and soulful, perpetually in line for a ladle full of redemption.” —Hammer Museum

“Rifkin is what might have happened had Nathanael West lived on and been even more talented . . . . Exquisite.” —Kirkus Reviews

Burdens by Water: An Unintended Memoir
by Alan Rifkin

"One of the true LA originals, Alan Rifkin is easy to catch in the act of being brilliant. He writes with a diamond cutter's artistry about everything from swimming pools to swooning hearts and knows that 'there's as much ache as joy' in both. There are only a handful of writers who can make anything interesting, and whether he's dealing with monks, dolphins, telescopes or unhappy marriage, Burdens by Water proves that Rifkin is one of them."
— John Powers, Critic-at-Large, NPR's "Fresh Air"

"Modesty, frankness and intelligence are Rifkin's trademarks — and oh, such beautiful writing." — Michelle Huneven, author of Blame and Off Course

"As journalism continues to change and favor the hot take and fast draw, this is the kind of writing I miss most of all — larky and searching, yet meaningful and often mind-blowing. Surprise yourself and dive in." — Hank Stuever, Washington Post TV critic and author of Tinsel

Wounds to Bind: A Memoir of the Folk-Rock Revolution
by Jerry Burgan with Alan Rifkin

"A remarkable memoir. . . an intimate portrait of a boyhood friendship ripening into rivalry and then redemption." — San Francisco Examiner

"[D]elves much deeper than band history. . . an excellent, well-written chronicle."
— Library Journal

“The fascinating tale of a band that paddled to the crest of a huge new wave in popular music and then got wiped out by it. A first recording session is captured as brilliantly as the chagrin of having to gig at a conservative university in Texas, where the band’s long hair and black drummer put them way beyond the pale.” — Record Collector

"[B]eautifully written . . .It's intoxicating to imagine a time when a single's debut would gather spellbound listeners around a radio." — San Jose Mercury News

Signal Hill
by Alan Rifkin

"Hauntingly beautiful, the work of a gifted storyteller with a sharp eye but a tender heart." — Los Angeles Times

"As incisive, eloquent and definitive a collection of L.A. stories as any since David Freeman's A Hollywood Education nearly twenty years ago, but from the other side of the psychic tracks, where desperation runs parallel with wisdom."
— Steve Erickson

"A spot-on, weirdly life-affirming and terrifically written batch of stories. I could read this guy all day." — Jerry Stahl

"Rifkin writes with such startling originality and authority that you have to believe he'll be the next darling of the literary world."
— Time Out, New York

"I was lured back to the stories in Signal Hill again and again. . .That’s you in there, riding the parallel rail on the same runaway train of thought." — OC Weekly



An all-new novel-in-stories each season, along with selected West Coast fictions, both new and old.

Welcome to The Last We Fake: a podcast of autobiographical, or at least confessional-seeming, fiction from Los Angeles.

Each season, host Alan Rifkin presents an original novel in nine episodes. Separately, the stories stand alone, but together they comprise a novel-length journey, with a cast of recurring characters. The show also features bonus stories by exceptional West Coast authors whose works deal with the shifting borders of the American Dream.